Jan 2, 2011

Independent Political Report Goes Up for Sale

An announcement at Independent Political Report states that the site's publisher, Chris Martin, "is currently looking to sell Independent Political Report."  From the announcement:
Independent Political Report is, by traffic rank and by reputation, the top news website covering third party and independent candidates in American politics. Founded in April 2008, within months Independent Political Report became a popular destination for third party and non-partisan activists, candidates, and aficionados who wanted a community to discuss the latest electoral or ballot access news.
Independent Political Report has accumulated over 1.5 million unique views in the 2.5 years it has existed, as well as over 4.1 million pageviews. This means it has averaged around 1,500+ unique views per day. The site is incredibly productive, with over 9,500 news posts getting posted since the site’s creation, or around 10 posts per day. Thousands of comments have been posted on the website by readers since its creation—the site is known for its thriving community of commenters.
IPR is ranked somewhere around the 50,000th most popular website in the world, depending upon the ranking system you’re using. Various website value estimation programs, experts, and websites have found that Independent Political Report is worth between $15,000 and $45,000. With a page rank of 5 and a ton of incoming links, this is not surprising.  The Publisher of IPR is currently looking to sell Independent Political Report—so feel free to click here and place a bid. . . .

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Cody Quirk said...

Hahaha, funny.

IPR doesn't report as well on third parties as this site does anyway!