Apr 23, 2011

CA: Green Party Starts Major Organizing Push

From Green Party Watch:
Last week, in Hollywood, California, a Green Party fundraiser was held at the home of a Green Party member with an asking “donation” of $25 with the hopes of raising funds for the Green Party of California in preparation for 2012. Ximena Kaiser Morris, a Green Party leader of Switzerland, was in attendance, along with other key Green Party members.
On Friday, April 15, the Green Party of San Fernando Valley held a protest against a Tea Party protest, with the goal of showing not only the Tea Party but the community that there are alternatives and differing voices when it comes to political parties. The Green Party was joined by other like-minded citizens in protest against the Tea Party.
Los Angeles area Green Party members held tabling events throughout the week at UCLA in the spirit of Earth Day.
On April 22, President Obama visited Culver City, near downtown Los Angeles, with Green Party members attending in protest with hundreds of others protesters. People called for Obama to recognize the Armenian genocide, passage of comprehensive immigration reform, end to deportation of Dream Act students, end to engaments/occupations of of other countries, among other things.
On April 30th, May 1st, the California Green Party will hold its state plenary in Berkeley, Alameda county. Here is a link to the events taking place that day…  http://www.cagreens.org/plenary/schedule.txt

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