May 24, 2011

Independent Marginalized by Mainstream Press in NY-26

From the Suffolk County Liberty Report:
Voters in New York’s 26th Congressional District in Western New York are preparing to vote in a special election May 24th to replace disgraced Republican Representative Chris Lee, the married “Craig’s List Congressman” whose solicitations of women on the internet was exposed earlier this year.

The race, which should be a slam-dunk for the GOP, is instead a more closely contested three-way race because self-financed faux “Tea Party” candidate Jack Davis has done well in the district. A Siena College poll taken April 26th-27th, the most recent, reliable, independent poll, showed none of the three candidates with a majority. The leader was Republican Jane Corwin (36%), followed by Democrat Kathy Hochul (31%) and Davis, the “Tea Party” independent,(27%). The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points, so the two major party candidates could be in a dead heat, but only because of Davis’ strong showing as an independent.

To read reports from the New York Times and the Associated Press, though, one would think this was only a two-way race. Davis, whose populist, anti-NAFTA, anti-immigrant, anti-Wall Street message has played fairly well among rank-and-file Republican voters, is barely mentioned in most news stories. The 27% Davis polls, and which comes mostly from Republican voters, isn’t mentioned at all. Instead, the liberal media portray the Davis’ candidacy as merely a “complicating factor”, practically a statistical blip in the scheme of things . . .

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