May 23, 2011

OH Action Alert: Libertarians Fight to Stay on Ballot

Former Libertarian Party candidate for Congress in Ohio, Travis Irvine, asks Ohioans to pressure their state representatives to stop an anti-third party ballot access provision from being written into the state's election code.  From the LP Ohio:
Ohio SB 148: Ask your Senator to amend Ohio Revised Code 3517.01 to allow for "Resonable Ballot Access Provisions."

As you should already know, the Ohio Senate is voting Tuesday on a bill which will effectively eliminate the Libertarian Party from appearing on the ballot. The next 2 days are the most important in Ohio Libertarian Party history. It's more important than voting twice per year. We need every soldier to put in every spare hour they have. Skip sleeping and have some coffee. I have included some tools to help in the fight.

First is a list of all the talk radio stations in Ohio. It includes the time that they have call in hours on Monday. The information is as accurate as I can find, so double check. If you don't have a station close to you at they time you can call, then call a station across the state. If you search for the call letters, you can find their site where they usually have a "listen live" on your computer option. That list is below.

Second is a tool to find out who your state senator is. Call, fax, email, and then call again. Just enter your zip code or address where it says "Find Your Candidates"to find out who your Senator is. The link:

Third is a link to the story about what Michael Johnston told House and Senate committees last week. There are links in the story to his power point presentation, his talking points, and the legislation. That link is:

Fourth; the Libertarian Party of Ohio facebook page has a discussion tab at the top. I started a discussion there where we can post notes to each other. Find a friendly radio host? Post it. Know a Senator that is on board (or not)? Post it. Any other strategies? Post it. Here is the link:

Finally, post comments on all you favorite blogs. Post comments at online news paper sites.

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