Jun 10, 2011

Constitution Party of Delaware Condemns Tea Party Factionalism

A post at Smart Girl Politics relays an "official statement from the Constitution Party of Delaware" by the party's state chair Earl Lofland condemning the recent announcement by the chairman of the Tea Party Express that the TPE will support "whoever the GOP nominates" in 2012.  Excerpt:
This week Amy Kramer, Chairman for the Tea Party Express stated "Tea Party Group Says It Will Support Whoever The GOP Nominates, Eve..."  Last year, when the TPE came to Delaware, to pull for Christine O'Donnell, I was very skeptical of their motives, asking the question; were they looking to support and defend the Constitution, as the founders originally intended, or was TPE only a shilll organization working covertly to promote the same initiatives and agendas that have been ongoing for at least 90 yrs...(reflections on the discovery by Mr Quigley in his book Tragedy and Hope)

It now is verified theTPE only endorses partisan views of one faction, and are not basing their decison on fundamental logic within the boundries of a limited government outlined in the Constitution. For the recent decison of TPE's Chair peson to make her decisions to discriminate any other candidates from other political factions, as the Chairman of The Constitition Party of Delaware,

If you are a member of, or support the views of the Tea Party Express; You are an enemy to the US Constitution. And are partakers of an organization who has infringed upon the rights of individuals to assemble based upon their affiliation to other political factions or having no affiliation to any faction at all. In Violation of what was erected when the Founders first declared Independence from a totalitarianism being forced upon the colonies by a tyrant in England.

The Constitution Party of Delaware therefore condemns the current decision of Amy Karmer in her decisions, and her organizations decisions of considering or disqualifying someone as a candidate for any elected office based upon the persons party affiliation and not upon the persons principles - whether or not they would uphold the oath to a sovereign God; to Support and Defend the Constitution against all its enemies foreign and domestic without any mental reservations.

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