Jun 10, 2011

Virgil Goode for President on Constitution Party Ticket?

From the Roanoke Times:
Virgil Goode has worn a number of labels through the years -- state senator, congressman, Democrat, independent, Republican -- but now he's considering trying on a new title: United States presidential candidate.

At its April meeting in Harrisburg, Pa., the national executive committee of the Constitution Party passed a resolution urging Goode to seek its presidential nomination next year. Goode, who's been making speeches at Constitution Party meetings for two years, said he's thinking about it.

"I will consider it as the year progresses," Goode said when reached at his Rocky Mount office Thursday.

1 comment:

Joe Murphy said...

I hope he does decide to run and I would like to see more people consider a third party run..It would make the presidential race more interesting.