Jul 11, 2011

OK: Libertarian Ballot Access Push

From the Edmond Sun:
Oklahoma Libertarians want their party recognized by the state and represented on the ballot in political primary elections, one local Libertarian leader said.

Oklahoma is the only state recognizing only the Democrat and Republican parties on the ballot without an “unfair” effort required by a third party, said Aletha Lingo, president of the Edmond Libertarian Party. Democrats and Republicans don’t have to collect signatures for ballot representation.

“It’s insane, unfair and to me unconstitutional and ridiculous that we have to go to other Libertarians outside the state to raise money to get on this ballot one time,” Lingo said . . .

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Aletha Lingo said...

Thank you for posting this article in the Edmond Sun. Libertarians WILL be on the ballot next election!!!