Jul 11, 2011

IN: Libertarian City-Councile Ed Coleman

From Libertarian Indianapolis City-County Councilor Ed Coleman via the LP blog:
Ed Coleman was first elected to the Indianapolis City County Council in 2007 and is determined to continue working for the citizens of Indianapolis.

Councilor Coleman is a health care professional and works for a subsidiary of Wellpoint in Indianapolis.  He and his wife Kerri are proud parents of two children and reside on the Southside of Indianapolis.  Ed was honorably discharged following 3 years of service in the United States Navy.  Ed spent his 3 years with HS-4 helicopter squadron attached to the USS Carl Vinson doing a 6 month deployment to the Persian Gulf.  Then briefly with the USS Abraham Lincoln.  He then spent 9 years in the Indiana Army National Guard were he was activated in support of training troops for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He also was honored for state emergency service on 3 seperate occasions.  He is an Indianapolis native, graduating from Warren Central and Ivy Tech . . .

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