Jul 8, 2011

The Importance of Information Sharing

From the Constitution Party's discussion forum:
Why does the national Party not share membership info with State Chapters?
We have found folks in Alabama that have been members of National for years in districts we have run candidates. However we never knew that they were out there. The last one we found was one that has really bugged me as he was my wife's uncle. Bill was in House district 105 but we did not know that and we did not know he was even interested in being a part of the CP as a result he never really got plugged into that campaign. We only lost that race by 275 votes and I have to wonder just how much Bill would and could have helped us in that Campaign had we connected DURING the campaign and not afterward?? 
Why does national refuse to share info on all contacts and members with the leadership of CP State chapters?? This hinders our efforts in increasing membership. Why does national absolutely refuse to share the names of all donors from within a State with leadership of that State's CP chapter? This hinders our efforts in fundraising. 
Richard Rutledge
Constitution Party of Alabama Vice Chairman.

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