Aug 17, 2010

Independent's Day: Facebook Group Plans Mass Exodus from Major Parties on September 23rd

From Karl Dickery at the Examiner:

There is an organized effort and phenomenom happening on Facebook that may shock Republicans and Democrats and that is to leave the two major parties on September 23, 2010 for any other political party. Although the group recently formed it already has 1,600 members as of this writing and it is plausible for the group to reach well over 100,000 by September 23rd - the day when "Party Crashers unite".
Here is a piece of what their plan is from the Facebook group:
"It's pretty simple. September 23, 2010 is Independent's Day. The day where We the People leave in mass exodus from the two major parties that have ceased to represent anything but the interests of the lobbyists that own them. We are proposing that on September 23, 2010 people all across the country go to their DMV, or their local voter registration office, or even go online if necessary, and switch their party affiliation from Republican or Democrat to ANYTHING else. . .  . "

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