Aug 17, 2010

OR: Pirate Party of Oregon Begins Organizing Online

When it comes to elections, you’ve usually got your Democrats, Republicans, maybe some Libertarians, Greens or those from the Constitution Party.  But have you heard of this one? The Pirate Party. . . . “What party is going to be more fun than the Pirate Party? I dare say, none,” says Jorden Leonard, the party’s organizer in Oregon. . . .
“I suppose we’re advocates for innovation in the information age,” Leonard says. “We believe in government transparency and (Inter)net neutrality.” . . . “And although the Pirate Party is new and small and may sound a little silly now, it connects to the youth, to technology and the Internet: all the places we are going,” Leonard says.  The Pirates’ big focus is on patent, trademark and copyright reform.

The party is not officially recognized in any state. It needs almost 21,000 signatures to be an official party in Oregon.

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Jorden said...

The Oregon Pirate Party thanks you for noting us and invites you to investigate our third party coalition as we have united with the Pacific Green Party and the Progressive Party behind the candidate Michael Meo.